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tijuana biologic dental clinc
tijuana biologic dental clinic

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For many people dental care is an unaffordable luxury, especially if extensive reconstructive or cosmetic work is needed. In the United States only the most basic dental care is covered by health insurance plans, and more than 150 million Americans are without dental coverage.

We can help. For over 40 years we have been providing high quality, affordable biologic dental care, which is why our patients from all over the globe keep coming back and recommending us to family and friends.

Headed by Dr. Javier Morales, D.D.S., one of the pioneers of Biologic Dentistry, our experienced dental practitioners have extensive training in the removal of toxic elements during treatment and the prevention of further exposure to them. We use only only biocompatible materials, the most effective techniques, state-of-the-art sterilization and dental equipment.

At Biodental Studios, you can rest at ease knowing that you will receive exceptional customer service and the same high quality dental care, but at prices you can afford.

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