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At Biodental Studios we use only biocompatible materials, the most effective techniques, state of the art sterilization, and modern high dental technology. Dr. Morales also offers some detox recommendations to patients thinking about removing their metal fillings and root canals.

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IV Sedation

Feeling anxious about dental treatment? IV Sedation can put your mind at ease and help you recuperate faster!

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Cavitations & Extractions

This is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted tissue from inside the jaw bone or maxilar bone to prevent or cure an infection area.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

From subtle changes to major repairs, we can perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile.

Safe Amalgam Removal

The common fillings most people have in their teeth are a mixture of silver, copper, tin and zinc with an equal amount of mercury, hence the word "amalgam". We have extensive experience in removing Amalgam safely.

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Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone therapy in holistic dentistry can be a powerful way of healing body, mind and spirit, taking into consideration that every tooth is connected energetically to different organs, muscles, nerves and spirit.

Ozone Therapy
Ozone therapy is the process of administering ozone gas into your body to treat a disease or wound. ...more
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