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When teeth are extracted, it is imperative that we perform a cavitation clean up after the surgical procedure. This is done by using a burr to clean the unwanted tissue, removing 1 mm of unwanted bone and then flush it out with iodine and saline solution. The rest the body does the remainder of the work by healing the area and reproducing new bone.


Panoramic x-rays - To check infections in the bone density, cavitations and root canals.

Electric readout - Check electrical current in metal restoration with positive or negative current. This method helps us find which restoration is leaking mercury ions or nickel ions into the immune system. As well, it helps us to determine if there is a tooth with a corresponding energy blockage relating to a particular organ, gland, muscle, limb etc in your body.

Mercury Fillings and Toxicity 

After reading a book by Dr. Hul Huggins on mercury fillings and toxicity in 1986, Dr. Morales DDS became aware of the dangers of mercury fillings. He had a patient at that time whom he gave 11 mercury fillings. This patient, who was then 16 years old, was taken by his mother to doctors and hospitals because the patient complained of terrible headaches. The doctors belived he had cancer, and the patient was subjected to many tests and exams. Dr. Morales DDS heard about what happened and asked the patient to return to his office. He removed all of the 11 mercury fillings and soon his patient stopped having the terrible headaches. The removal of the mercury fillings was the key which opened the door to help his patient.

At the end of every day when Dr. Morales finishes a procedure, he knows his patients will feel better because his work removed toxicity and infection from the body, and ultimately the body will respond and feel better.

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